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March 18, 2015 - The Yale Exoplanet Group recently assembled the Spectrograph under development for the Moletai Astronomical Observatory. Below is a time lapse video (images courtesy of Build Pictures) showing the initial build of the instrument. Once final testing and analysis are completed here at Yale, the instrument will be packaged up and shipped to Lithuania, where it will be installed on the 1.65 m telescope. For more information on the MAO Spectrograph, and to see another time lapse video of the assembly from a different view, see our MAO Page.

February 26, 2015 - As the Yale Astronomy Department prepare to move from their long time location in JW Gibbs Laboratory to historic mansions along Hillhouse Ave, plans are well underway for the new Yale Exoplanet Lab. The image below shows the current design for the lab, which will be adjoining the middle mansion in the basement of the Watson Center.

December 2, 2014 - In a paper that has just been accepted for publication by the Astrophysical Journal, Yale Postdoc Ji Wang tackles the mystery of hot Jupiters. "Hot Jupiters" are a category of planets approximately the size of "Jupiter" and are very "hot" due to the proximity to their host stars. The two major detection techniques (Doppler measurements and transits) find different occurrence rates for these easily detected planets. After accounting for differences in environmentental factors of the two samples, (stellar metallicity, multiplicity rate and evolutionary stage) Dr. Wang finds that the discrepancy can be resolved.

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About Us

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Debra Fischer's group at Yale works on the discovery of planets orbiting nearby stars.

Our research projects include Doppler planet searches, and analysis of the properties of planet-hosting stars.

We also have an active instrumentation and software development program to investigate novel designs needed for achieving better Doppler precision.

Research Opportunities

The exoplanet research group is currently looking for two new people. Applications will be reviewed beginining January 15th until the positions are filled.

Postdoctoral fellow to work on instrumentation for exoplanet detection. The successful candidate must have a PhD in physics or a related field and experience in an optomechanical lab.

Research technician: the successful applicant must have a bachelors degree in physics or a related field and experience in an optomechanical lab.

YCAA Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University
(Annual) deadline for proposals in November

Interdepartmental Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geosciences at Yale University
(Annual) deadline for proposals in January