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June 24, 2014 - The Yale Exoplanets Group received full funding for the Extreme Precision Spectrograph (EXPRES). EXPRES, with a goal of 10 cm/s instrumental precision, will be built at Yale, installed on the 4.3 m Discovery Channel Telescope in Arizona, and used for the 100 Earths Project.

May 12, 2014 - Grad student Jack Moriarty leads a new study finding that Diamond planets may be more common than astronomers once thought. The researchers found that carbon-rich planets can form in disks with carbon-oxygen ratios (C/O) as low as 0.65. Previous models predicted carbon-rich planets could only form in disks with C/O higher than 0.8. This is important because there are many more stars with C/O greater than 0.65 than there are with C/O greater than 0.8.

Diamond planets may be more common than astronomers thought. 
	(Illustration by Haven Giguere)
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Debra Fischer's group at Yale works on the discovery of planets orbiting nearby stars.

Our research projects include Doppler planet searches, and analysis of the properties of planet-hosting stars.

We also have an active instrumentation and software development program to investigate novel designs needed for achieving better Doppler precision.