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Yale Astronomy

Undergraduate Students

Samantha Andrade

Sam Andrade Sam is interested in pursuing an Astrophysics and Electrical Engineering degree at Yale, class of 2019. She was excited to dive into a new field of research as she studied modifications of a protein called alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's Disease patients during the summer of 2015. She is currently developing programming and data observation techniques to examine and analyze stellar noise in stellar spectra.
Sam is from Tucson, Arizona and is a cycling, swimming, and ice cream enthusiast.

Christopher Leet

Christopher Leet Christopher is majoring in Astrophysics and Computer Science, Yale class of 2017. He worked on the Yale Doppler Diagnostic Facility rebuild under the supervision of Colby Jurgenson. The Yale Doppler Diagnostic Facility is a bench-mounted spectrograph test facility for instruments that our team builds for observatories across the world. Christopher designed the mounts and the superstructure. In the Spring 2016 semester, Christopher began working on the tough problem of modeling telluric contamination in stellar spectra under the supervision of Prof Debra Fischer and Dr. Jeff Valenti (Space Telescope scientist extraordinare). Christopher was born in New York, but lived in London for 15 years. He is also interested in cryptography, drones, digital education and tea.

Justin Myles

Justin Myles Justin is an astrophysics student at Yale, class of 2017. He is currently working with Prof. Greg Laughlin on developing a technique for using solar system dynamical models to determine orbital parameters for Planet 9. He is also working with Dr. John Brewer on measuring and analyzing lithium abundances in planet search stars. He is interested in stellar and planetary astronomy. Justin is also a mentor for New Haven youth and is an avid surfer and runner.

Sophia Sanchez-Maes

Sophia Sanchez-Maes Sophia is an astrophysics and computer science major at Yale, class of 2019. She is currently working on the Yale Doppler Diagnostic Facility rebuild, and exploring statistical methods to separate signal from stellar noise in radial velocity exoplanet detection. During the summer 2016, she worked as an intern at JPL and we hear that she is bowling everyone over with her enthusiasm and brilliance.
A native New Mexican, Sophia also enjoys mathematics, reading, hiking, and travel.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith Scott is an undergrad at Yale, class of 2018. He is studying Computer Science and worked on rebuilding the Yale Doppler Diagnostic Facility spectrograph and designing a flat LED light source for calibration during the summer of 2015. This idea is now being prototyped in partnership with FiberTech Optica for the EXPRES spectrometer (we'll be commissioning this in summer 2017). During summer 2016, Scott is developing a user interface for Doppler analysis of CHIRON data that will allow astronomers to automate the RV analysis of their data. Scott is also a project leader for the Yale Undergrad Aerospace Association.

Past undergraduate students are listed on our Exoplanets Alumni page.