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Yale Astronomy

The EPRV workshop

We organized and hosted a workshop on extreme precision radial velocity measurements in July 5 - 8, 2015 to bring together students and international experts. The workshop was focused on identifying and solving the critical requirements: instrumentation, statistical techniques, and methods for distinguishing stellar noise from Doppler shifts; everything needed to move from 1 m/s to 0.1 m/s precision in the coming years! A summary of the discussions from this meeting were captured in Fischer et al. 2016, "State of the Field: Extreme Precision Radial Velocities" PASP, 128, 6001.

We are following up on the critical issues identified in the 2015 EPRV workshop with a small focus group at Yale, 2016 August 15 - 17. We will focus on statistical techniques for distinguishing between velocities in the photosphere of the star and orbital velocities.


Our research projects include:

  • exoplanet searches at Keck, Lick and Cerro Tololo Observatories
  • spectral synthesis modeling to derive properties of host stars
  • instrument development for extreme precision radial velocity measurements
  • interdisciplinary research with the Geology and Geophysics department to study habitability factors in rocky planets
  • developing analysis software for extreme precision radial velocity measurements

Photo by Julien Spronck