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Yale Astronomy

Astro Geology

The department of Geology and Geophysics (G & G) and the department of Astronomy have a collaborative, interdisciplinary program that aims to understand the physics of planetary systems. We are particularly interested in understanding the role of volatiles, such as water, in the Earth's deep interior. Ongoing research in the G & G department includes:

  • laboratory studies to better understand material properties
  • modeling to study the acquisition and retention of ocean water
  • modeling to trace the cycling of volatiles through mantle convection
  • understanding connections between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and planet interior
  • investigating the role of volatiles in planetesimal accretion

The consortium offers regular graduate student seminars at Yale.

The "Habitability Factors in the Formation of Rocky Planets" seminar focuses on:

  1. interior structure of rocky planets and formation of magnetic fields
  2. formation and evolution of atmospheres
  3. acquisition and retention of water
geometric landscape
Ariel view of salt flats. Varying organisms thrive depending on salinity levels. Photo by Debra Fischer