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Using Rsync

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Rsync is a handy command that can be used to synchronize directories on two different computers. For example, I often work on my laptop, and need to update the tauceti directories with new work that I've done.

One of the problems that I had using rsync is that my user name on my laptop is different from my username on tauceti. So, I tried the most intuitive thing and it worked:

rsync -t *inp fischer@tauceti.sfsu.edu:/home/fischer/consortium/keck/sme_results/

The format for the rsync command is:

rsync -t [transfer] source_filename destination:directory

by specifying "fischer@" I was able to get a password prompt for user fischer.

This will let you "put" data from the local host to the remote host, eg laptop to tauceti. To "get" data from tauceti you'll need to reverse the order. Here's one example which seems to have worked rsync -zuvar tauceti.sfsu.edu:/home/chris/research /home/chris/research/

Info on using rsync for backing up your data to a hard disk can be found here

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