Conference registrants who received pre-approval for funding may apply for reimbursement by submitting receipts along with this form: EPRV_Travel_reimbursement.doc. International travelers should also complete and submit the additional IIF.pdf form.

Requests must be submitted after the EPRV meeting, by August 1, 2015.

Please email the form and receipts to: Ms. Kim Monocchi: kim.monocchi (at)

or mail the completed form and receipts to:

                 Kim Monocchi

                 Yale University

                 PO Box 208101

                 New Haven, CT 06520-8101

Form Instructions:

  1. 1.Fill in your name, email and home address (where a reimbursement check should be mailed).

  2. 2.Provide the departure and return DATE and TIME (for per-diem calculations).

  3. 3.Indicate the pre-approved travel award that you were allocated.

  4. 4.Fill out the travel worksheet form with the date the expense was incurred, the item description, indicate that receipt is attached, and indicate the amounts of the charges.

  5. •If you used a discount code for registration and the conference dinner, this amount should be deducted from your travel award.

  6. •Per diem: The government per-diem rate for meals and incidentals in New Haven is $61. If you used a travel award for the conference dinner on Monday July 6th, then deduct 50% for that day.

The total pre-awarded funds (registration and conference dinner) plus the sum of the documented requested reimbursement should equal the pre-approved award.